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   And, for the first Saturday... (July 21, 1990)

And, for the first Saturday, after the salvaging of the National Front government, a few stray thought: and a few general observatioan and a few points of view (all my own work):

First things first: like many times last night, as Indian batsmen stormed their way to 282, did you think how much better it would have been if we could have seen it all on TV.

And giving credit where it is due: Like this week's successes have been solely and exclusively because of Raj Singh Dungarpur, the architect of the Ď90s team, and Bishan Singh Bedi, the man who has moulded it into a fighting unit.

And you can see evidence of the Dungarpur-Bedi & Co. everywhere: in the removal of the deadwood (where are they all now?); in the introduction and, more important, persistence with new faces; in the exphasis on play instead of endorsements and money; in the physical fitness tests in Delhi and the camp in Banglore; in the change in Ravi Shastri's bowling style (no doubt, tutored by Bedi); and, finally, in the two facile victores this week, both through team efforts and not individual brilliance.

Like it is true we have only beaten England, who are second-last from the bottom in world rankings, but it is still a beginning. And the Ď90s have just begun.

Like one thing was finally and clearly established at Mr. V.P. Singh's press conference yesterday. Nobody can bowbeat him. And if Mrs. Indira Gandhi or Mr. Rajiv Gandhi were being questioned, in tone and content, as Mr. Singh was, both mother and son would have lost theor tempers. But then no reporter would have dared question mother and son, except K.R. Sundar Rajan.

Like if there in no discipline in the Janata Dal, then the discipline in the Congress is the displine of the graveyard. Remember the Emergency, when even Mr. Vasant Sathe was scared to speak up.

Like we do occasionally hear of Mr. Buta Singh, but there is no mention ever of poor Mr. Natwar Singh.

And eventually Arun Singh has proved himself to be cleverer than Arun Nehru. He has got himself a post equivalent to that of a cabinet minister in the National Front government without getting his reputation soiled.

Like it is highly unfortunate and no fault of his, but Mr. Arun Nehru has the face and physique of a villainous politician in a Hindi film. But then life does not imitate art, so it is all right.

And this final point of view:

That both Mr. V.P. Singh and Mr. Rajiv Gandhi are saying that the National Front government will last out five years. So that is that.

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