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   And for a newspaper-less Saturday morning... (August 25, 1990)

And for a newspaper-less Saturday morning, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like if you were to depend on Doordarshan for news, you would be as well informed as the minister for informed as the minister for information and broadcasting.

Like Khula Manch is Bandh Manch, though the first thing Doordashan, or whoever is responsible, should do is to get rid of that male moderator. He is brash, juvenile and downright rude, and instead of creating antagonism in the viewer's minds towards the minister, who is being interrogated and grilled, his bad manners end up by invoking sympathy for the minister.

Like, I think, Mr. George Fernandes is one of the best minister we have got. He has an easy grasp of subjects and whatever portfolio is given to him, he studies it thoroughtly. And the only person who came anywhere to solving the Kashmir crisis, it was Mr. Fernandes. And the man who did the greatest harm to the cause was Mr. Jagmohan.

Like you may not have noticed, but Mr. Devi Lal has been forgotten. Once you are out of power, you are out. In time, everybody learns that lesson.

And, as they did with Mr. Devi Lal, Mr. V.P. Singh's collegues should now have the guts to get Mr. Sanjay Singh out of the Rajya Sabha and the party.

Like my sympathies are with the repatriates from Kuwait and Iraq, make no mistake about that. They have lost everything and they have few prospects of future employment in the Gulf, still, these are the fortunes of war.

However, I feel, they are taking the government of India and the people who stayed behind to work in their own country, a little too much for granted. After having been given free air trasport and free train transpot, plus Rs. 25 each to spend in the trains on their way home, they are finding the Rs. 25 to be too little and want more.

Like I am glad Mr. I.K. Gujral has clarified that we are not mediating between the Arabs and the West. That is in the best spirit of neutrality and national interest.

And this final point of view:

That one thing seems more or less assured. India may not win this Test at the Oval, but it will not lose.

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