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   And, for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts... (August 9, 1990)

And, for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general opinion and a few points of view (all my own work)

Like, if it is possible, Mr. V.P. Singh has lost his mandate with the people faster than Mr. Rajiv Gandhi did. And, in Mr. Gandhi's case, there were at least his advisers to blame, in Mr. Singh's case there is nobody bout himself to blame.

Like both Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Singh are perfet examples of what power can do to men.

Like the first decent thing that the Janata Dal government has done is to start the case against Sanjay Singh. And, as is normal with any accused, especially an accused in a murder case, Sanjay Singh should step down from his political position till the case against him has been decided.

Like that TV is a most powerful medium has been once again proved. After thousands and milions of words have been written on the plight of the Gulf refugees in camps outside Amman, it was left to Prannoy Roy's The World This Week to make a dramatic impact with a 15-secondvisual showing a group of Pakistanis flighting for a joint of meat that had been flung in their midst.

Like our own Khula Manch is going on with a pedestrian debate of censoring and editing programmes. Nodody seems to have told Mr. Uperndra that the worst censors of news are editors who are scared about losing their jobs.

And whether Mr. George Fernandes thinks so or not, with or without censorship he came our sencondbest in that programme.

Like the week's biggest story is not whether Arun Nehru is involved in Bofors or not, but who framed Arun Nehru.

And I wonder whether most people have realised that Mr. Chitra Subramaniam's entire reputation as a front-ranking journalist is based on one single aspect of one single story.

Like every government inherits the sins of its preceding government. After the mid-term poll, the BJP government will inherit the Punjab problem, the Kashmir problem, and also the Mandal problem.

Like that government is best which brings down the prices of essential commodities, provides houses and jobs for people, repairs roads, run trains and airlines efficiently, and does not interface with the person at lives of the people. And thos final point of view:

Like President Bush playing golf during a crisis is the same as our leaders going to this naturopathy hospital in Banglore during a crisis.

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