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   And, for a Saturday without newspapers... (October 20, 1990)

And, for a Saturday without newspapers, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like, I expect, at the moment, the BJP will back out. The rathyatra will be abanded, a symbolic ceremony will be allowed for the start of the construction of the temple, and everybody will go home. Then a new crisis will start.

Like I continue to be amazed at the dimensions of the Indian society. For instance, in the Punjab, which is in the middle of a Khalistan agitation, with terrorists roaming around the place, no safety to life, daily scores of killings of innocent persons, another agitation has been starte in the same state and by the same people over the Mandal Commission report.

And therein also lies hope for India. Because it means that no crisis is beig enough and final enough for there to be another crisis.

Like it is being said about Mr. V.P. Singh that if he passes October, then he will remain prime minister for the full five years and get re-elected for another five years as prime minister. Though he will not be able to complete his second five-year team because of death or infirmly through normal causes.

Like I am included to agree with the view that the country should not be asked to bear the burden of rehabilitating the Gulf returnees. After all, nobody asked them to go abroad, they abandoned their country and went to make their own fortunes, and, when they made the fortunes, they did not share them with anybody here. What is more, if they get another opportunity, they will go again.

Like what I say is that if the taxi-drviers threaten to go on strike, let them do so and do not concede to their demands by one paisa more. Three months of strike and consider how much petrol would be saved.

Like what I do not understand is who travels by taxis. Only the rich can afford them any more and the rich all have cars.

And what the Times of India is in effect declaring is not that it will not raise it in February 1991. Thank you.

And this final point of view:

That I am not Vishwa Hindu Parishad and I am not Bharatiya Janata, but I think that this is our new year and not January 1. Happy New Year.

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