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   And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts... (January 12, 1990)

And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like the United Nations, which was started to make peace, is now making war.

And the sad part is that the UN is going to war to liberate a sheikhdom, not a small democratic country of free men that has been invaded and captured.

Like to my friend Alfred D'Cruz, late of the Times Of India and more recently of the Kuwait Times, goes the credit of being one of the last Indians to return from Kuwait. Also, for being the only person to return from the Gulf without a watch. It weems that an armed Iraqi soldier told him that he was a poor man and had never had a watch in his his life and would he please-please give him his watch. And D'Cruz took off his watch and gave it to him.

Like to keep the records straight, the old Illustrated Weekly has not died, it is still there. The broadsheep is a plus, a bonus. Thank you, Pritish.

Like I do not understand the new Observer. More than three-quarters of the column is left blank, thn, at the bottom of all that precious blank space, a tiny one-paragraph routine news item is put.

And another matter I do not qute understand is: If the government was going to further prosecute Dr. Sanjay Singh, why did it make him a minister. And if the hidden hand of the Congress-I is responsible for pressurising the government to prosecure him, then in this one single case I am happy about the hidden hand.

Like people keep saying that an election at this stage would be a disaster. But the only disaster I can foresee is for all those present MPs who will not be reelected by the people.

Like I understand that suddenly the Sheriff's post has become so prestigious that there is a long queue of distingished citizens wanting to be appointed. Though the entire exercise seems pointless because Mr. Pawar is insisting that Mr. Nana Chudasama shoulc serve a third term.

Like when it comes to one upmanship, few people can match Mr. Murli Deora's plan to get Mr. Rajiv Gandhi to chowpatty to inaugurate an I Love India show.

Like now that Mr. Gandhi has started reappearing on the TV screen, you can see that in the last year he has grown older and balder.

And this final point of view:

That I think this government will be no better and no worse than all the previous governments. And if you really want a government that works and changes the face of India, then it should be a government of non-Indians.

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