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   And, for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts... (August 12, 1990)

And, for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like Bihar is the only state in the country where there is genuine democracty, with 70 people being given the opportunity to become ministers.

Like Mr. V.P. Singh seems to have begun his campaign for the next elections. And this time his main assistant is Mr. Madhu Dandavate, who may be a great improvement on Mr. Devi Lal, but he can't get him votes.

Like, suddenly, Mr. V.P. Singh does not sound sincere when he makes him speeches. And I agree that no politician does, but Mr. Singh used to.

Like, in politics, you never can tell. A man who is down and finished today, can be right at the top tomorrow. So there is still hope of Mr. Ramakrishna Hegde becoming the prime minister.

Like I still think Mr. Chandra Shekhar should include professionals from include professionals from outside in his cabinet. Men of distinction and ability and no political ambitions. And, if he requires, I can provide him with a list.

Like I fail to understand how men of 50 can celebrate their birthday, or, for that matter, allow others to celebrate if for them. And why should the public celebrate the birthday of a politician, or even of the President of India. These three service chiefs greeting the President with bouquets in their hands.

Like the only birthday a nation should celebrate is the country's foundation day…in our case, Independence Day on August 15. Not even Republic Day, and not birthdays of gods and prophets and politicians and prime ministers and past prime ministers.

And these stray thoughts:

Like if you were to check the temperature, you would not think it is winter in Bombay. But then, is it winter?

Like Pakistan's cricket eminence has been a bit of a letdown. In their own country, with their own umpires, and their own balls, they are being badly mauled by the West Indies. And the two champion cricket nations continue to be the West Indies and Australia.

And Imran Khan should have offered to play in the series against New Zealand and kept out of the series against West Indies.

Like I still have not figured whether it is a good idea or otherwise for India to have Tests and other internationals at all these small towns instead of the major centres. But, I suppose, it does not make much differences, one way or the other.

And considering all the tall scores of 600 and over in the Ranji Trophy ties, it does appear that there is a dearth of good bowlers all over the country and at all levels of cricket.

And this final point of view:

That I admire the way Mr. Chandra Shekhar has put both Mr. Devi Lal and Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in their places.

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