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   And, for the sixth Saturday... (April 20, 1991)

And, for the sixth Saturday before Mr. L.K. Advani becomes the prime minister a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like if the BJP's symbol is the lotus, now finally and irrevocably decided, then Mr. Advani's should be a bow and arrow.

Like if Mr. Rajiv Gandhi wants to take us into the 21st century, Mr. Advani wants to take us 5,000 years back. And I do not know which is better…or worse.

Like the way Mr. Bal Thackeray has begun his election campaign yesterday, I am affairs, it his 16 candidates win, they will later lose their seats in election petitions before courts of law. And probably a few BJP candidates will lose along with them.

Like I do not understand Victor Banerjee. As an actor he was commited, well-behaved, softspoken, three days as a politician and he has become loud and he talks too much and has too many opinions.

And correct me if I am wrong, but I think the only actor who would make an appropriate politician is Shatrughan Sinha. He understands politics, he has the mannerisms of a politician, he can address large politicial rallies like a politician. He is also too shrewd a politician to contest an election unless he is good and ready and sure that his party will win and have him in its cabinet.

Like I also feel the same way about journalists. They are not meant for politics, and the only journalist who is suited to it is Ayub Sayeed, editor of current. In him, the grey area between journalisms and politics dominates.

And I do not know what contribution actress Vyajayanthimala has made to parliament that she should contest again and again and again.

Like, so far, only the South had large cut-outs of its favourite films stars put up in the streets and at traffic junctions. Now Mr. L.K. Advani's are being put up in the north. Mrs. Gandhi had a large cut-out of hers in a nine-yard Maharashtrian sari at Worli Naka. And though it must have been put up by some over-enthusiastic BRCC official and not Mrs. Gandhi, she could have asked him to pull it down.

Like the only two leaders who do not indulge in promoting themselves are Mr. V.P. Singh and Mr. Chandra Shekhar. So, it follows, we should endeavour to make one of these two prime minister.

And this final point of view:

That the best news of the week, year, 44 years, is that Kerala has reached almost 100 per cent literacy. Think of it: Every man, woman and child in Kerala can read and write. That is a genuine revolution.

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