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   And, with four more Saturdays... (April 5, 1991)

And, with four more Saturdays to go before Mr. V.P. Singh returns as prime minister, a few stray thoughts and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like every leader deserves a chance to be a prime minister without Mr. Devi Lal being his deputy prime minister, and for that reason alone, if none other, Mr. V.P. Singh deserves another term.

Like on the face it it does seem that Mr. V.P. Singh sacrificed his government in order to uphold secular values. Though the Shahi Imam, by issuing his decree, is making Mr. Singh's sacrifice suspect.

Like I do not believe this is true, but going through all the reports in all the newspapers, it seems that the most valued and sought-after object in the coming elections is the Muslim vote.

And this is the time when distinguished members of the Muslim community should write joint letters to newspapers, dismiss the Imam's fatwa, and declare that they would vote as Indians and not as members of any community. But the only person who seems to be doing this is our Arif Mohammed Khan and, for some unexplained reason, he does not count.

Like I have poor knowledge of Tamil sects, but our Mani Shankar Aiyar, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi's candidate from Mayiladuthurai, is having problems with his Aiyar (Iyer) surname.

And one person who appears to have finally and permanently retired from politics is Mr. Arun Singh. And one person who is hardly in politics, being a man without party or following, but manages to keep himself at the centre of things, is Dr. Subramaniam Swamy. Like the cyclone in Bangladesh has once again shown that the volume of destruction caused by God is far greater than any that may be caused by man.

Like what I admire about Mr. Chandra Shekhar is his utter disregard for propriety. If he wants to take Chandraswamy around with him, he does it, if he feels like dining with Adnan Khashoggi, he dines. And if he wants to talk with the terrorists, he talks. That is what is meant by an open prime minister in an open government.

Like it is disturbing that at this young age. Leander Paes should suffer from cramps and sprained ankles. It only means that he is not as physically fit as a professional tennis player should be.

Like in the next four days at the Wankhede Stadium, we should witness a few thousand more runs scored and a half-dozen wicket s fall. And we still ask what is wrong with Indian cricket.

And this final point of view:

That I visualise a coalition government of the Congress, the Left parties, and the Janata Dal. The BJP will be the official opposition.

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