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   And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts and... (August 17, 1991)

And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general opinions and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like it did not require the International Monetary Fund to tell the government to cut down its expenditure. Over the years, from Mr. Nani Palkhivala down, everybody has been telling it to do so.

Like putting our economy back in order, as per the advice of the IMF and the World Bank, we may lose our self-respect. But, at least, we will gain the respect of the world.

Like all this talk of new forces emerging in the Congress is absurd. How can new forces emerge in an old and discarded party! And the trouble with the other parties, with the exception of the BJP and a few leftist associations, is that they are all Congress parties and made up of Congressmen.

Like, so far, all prime ministers have been born-Congressmen, including Mr. Morarji Desai, Mr. V.P. Singh and Mr. Chandra Shekhar. And chances are that if Mr. V.P. Singh or Mr. Chandra Shekhar had never left the Congress, either would have been prime minister now instead of Mr. Narasimha Rao. And I am not saying whether that would have been good for the country or bad.

And ambition is one thing, but I cannot get over the idea of Mr. Madhavrao Scindia harbouring ambitions of becoming the prime minister, either now or in the distand future. But for his princely connections, he would not even have been on the board of Bombay Dyeing.

And I think it is unfair to go on blaming the two immediate past prime ministers for the financial bankruptcy that the country finds itself in. now doubt, they are to blame, but they did not organise Festivals of India, and they did not travel all over the world in two Air India Boeings simultaneously, and the only holidays Mr. Chandra Shekhar took were to his personal farm in Bondsi.

Like there must be some logic to this: Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar has got into parliament and he has stipped writing, Mr. M.J. Akbar has got out of parliament and he has stopped writing.

Like this had never happened: There are many more newspapers than ever before on Sundays and much less to read on Sundays.

Like my idea of the future fot he Indian press is: Small newspapers, run by individuals, with skeleton staff, not too much investment, more professional, less commerical. The era of big national newspapers, with heavy investment and large infrastructure, has ended.

And this final point of view:

That I do not quite understand these statements about the leagacy of Rajiv Gandhi. I mean, how can a person who was prime minister for only one single term, and lost at the end of the term, leave behind any legacy!

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