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   And, for the last Saturday before the elections... (May 18, 1991)

And, for the last Saturday before the elections, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few point of view (all my own work):

Like it does seem that this is going to be a bloody, messy elections. Also, truncated, since there will be no elections in several states and, as it appears now, quite a few constituencies.

And it is ironical that in Bihar, the state where Mr. V.P. Singh is expecting to score, should be the one where the maximum trouble is expected. Which proves one thing: chaos follows Mr. Singh, though this does not mean he is responsible for it.

Like now that the election precess has been set in, there is no escaping it and we have to go through with it. But all this could have been avoided if the politicians who were elected in 1989 had set their petty personal ambitions aside and determined to work together and in the interest of the nation for the next five years. Then, at the end of the five years, automatically a new stable government would have emerged.

And the tragedy of it all is that the same politicians are standing for elections again.

Like we in Bombay think that elections mean some Rotary or Lions club calling the candidates from South Bombay to come to the Taj, and, after a lunch, have a debate among themselves and answer questions from members. In UP, Bihar, Haryana, elections are somewhat different.

Like one solution be if the importance of UP and Bihar is reduced by drastically cutting down the number of member of members the two states can send to parliament. Also, there should be a moratorium, for the next 20 years there should be no prime minister from UP.

Like I notice that all the opinion polls have given Congress the lead in the election result. Which at this stage should be fairly obvious. I mean, you don't have to stop 200 odd people at street-corners and ask them who they will vote for to come to that conclusion.

But I do not Congress can on its own form the government. And no party is going to join the Congress and assist it so long as Mr. Rajiv Gandhi is going to be the prime minister. Which brings us back to square one.

And I think it is incorrect to say that if not this election them the next election the BJP will come to power. If it does not succeed now, it will be finished, because the present wave that it is riding on will not last.

And this final point of view:

That it is difficult to understand that Mr. Bal Thackeray, who so vehemently and quite rightly protested about Khushwant Singh defaming Shivaji, should now himself defame Gandhiji.

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