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   And, for another Saturday, a few stray thoughts... (June 7, 1991)

And, for another Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like those who thnk Mr. Narasimha Rao does not look like a prime minister should consider Mr. Sudhakarrao Naik. Even Mr. Shivajirao Nilangekar-Patil looked more like a chief minister than he does.

And poor Mr. Pawar, I wonder how he must be feeling. When he made a bid for the prime minister's job. He could not possibly have imagined he would end up inspecting troops in the icy cold the heights of the Himalays. Some people would say he has been sent out into the cold.

Like I am wondering when our elected representatives will start working. First, they were busy fighting over who should be prime minister now they are fighting over who should be speaker.

Like a change at the centre that may not have been noticed is that power and authority has shifted from Uttar Pradesh to other parts of the country and the representatives from Up are sitting in the opposition.

Like if I were to be asked which I consider as the most mature electorate in the last elections, I would say the voters of those two constituencies who were responsible for the defeat of Mr. Devi Lal.

Like I would have also considered the voters of New Delhi or South Delhi or whatever Mr. Advani's constituency is known as, except that I am not sure whether they were voting against Mr. Advani or voting for Mr. Rajesh Khanna.

Like I have bot understood what the new foreign trade policy is, as announced by the government, but if all the opposition parties are against it, it must be good.

Like one thing all the affluent citizens have been saying these past few days is: "With the prices of everything so high, what will the poor do!"

Like I hae all sympathies with Mr. Doraiswamy, and even more with his family, but I do believe that the government should made a public announcement that it will not negotiate with the kidnappers and call their bluff.

Like Pakistan's new laws against Indian transit passengers at its airports do not make much sense. I cannot think of a single Indian passenger who would bother to smuggle himself into Pakistan and live there.

Like in no sports do champions coem and go as fast as in tennis. And this evening and tomorrow we will see two new champions being crowded.

Like the most amusing tennies headline is the one that appears annually in Indian newspapers: Amritraj brothers' challenger ends.

And this final point of view:

That the Rs. 500 currency note that is to be demonetised, 99 per cent of the population has never seen.

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