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   And, for one more Saturday... (September 28, 1991)

And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like I would say that yesterday the BJP in Bombay with its women's morcha and what remains of the National Front and the leftist parties in Delhi with their Boat Club rally have further exposed, themselves as parties with no programmes and no constructive ideas. And not only have they now estabolised by their own performances that they cannot function as a government, but also that they cannot be a responsible opposition.

And I would like to know how does the BJP expect the prices of commoditioes to fall by collecting women from all over the state and bringing them to Bombay to listen to their speeches.

And, I think, somebody should tell Mr. Advani that it is rather pointless speaking to people in Bombay about Ram Janmabhoomi. It is a subject that does no particularly concern them. And, in that sence, Mr. V.P. Singh is more practical. He sticks to Delhi and the north when he speaks about Mandal.

Like I appreciate the manner in which the government is going about step by step, liberalising the Indian economy. We are not a communist dictatorship that we can changeover overnight.

Like what is required now is a change in attitudes. If there is going to be collaboration between Tatas and IBM, or Maruti and Ford, the government should not announce this. Tatas should announce it, or Maruti, the government does not enter into the picture any more, even to make such welcome announcements.

Like, I understand, the diamond merchants have given up all hopes of the Indian police tracing their kidnapped colleagues or securing their release, and have hired foreign investivators to do the job.

And I admire the Times style: When it raise it advertisement rate by 10 per cent, it makes you feel that it it bringing them down by five per cent.

And I do not wish to hurt anybody's feelings, but I wish to get some things straight at least in my mind. When ONGC and IOC men get kidnapped, and some of them even die, they are not sacrificing themselves for the unity and integrity of the country and out of a sense of high patriotism, they are simply doing a job in a high-risk area and making a living for themselves. If some of them become the innocent victims of a struggle that does not concern them, our sympathies are with them and their families, but we do not make them into heroes.

Like to summarise the present position of the political parties: The BJP's programme is Ram Janmabhomi, the Janata Dal's programme is Mandal commission, the Congress's programme is to liberalise the economy, improve the financial position, and keep in step with nations which are 500 times better off than we are.

And this final point of view:

That for some 20 years I was convinced that the prime minister who would change the structure of oursociety from a socialistic pattern with government controls to a free-wheeling economy would come from the opposition. As it has turned out, he has come from the Gongress. And an old Congressman at that.

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