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   And for a thunder, lighting, rain and storm... (July 13, 1991)

And for a thunder, lighting, rain and storm Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like for the last rains they blamed Mr. Padmanabhaiah. I wonder who they are going to blame this time.

Like this is Bombay's second monsoon. The first was the downpour in June, and the third will be in August. After that is will be summer again, rolling into a mellow winter. That is the new weather pattern in Bombay.

Like another object or person who should be roling through is Mr. Narasimha Rao and his government. There is little chance of the government being defeated in parliament on Monday.

And there must be some logic in Mr. L.K. Advani's position. The BJP is opposing the vote of confidence in the government is not defeated. Also, I do not know where Mr. Advani got the idea that the public want the BJP to be its watchdog and maintain a confrontationist attitude. At this stage the public would rather that it had a conciliatory attitude.

Still, the most sensible observation of the season goes to Mr. Advani: The prime minister is one of the few Congressmen with pre-independence convictions, though he is surrounded by post-emergency Congressmen.

Like it is a pity that while Mr. Murli Deora is appointing ministers in Maharastra, nobody is appointing Mr. Deora minister in New Delhi.

And somebody should advise Mr. Chandra Shekhar to stop saing that he is the best four-month prime minister that the country has ever had. After all, what competition does he have - Mr. Charan Singh.

Like, frankly, I do not know what is happening in UP at the moment. And, for once, I am not interested in knowing.

Like poor Chetan Chauhan, he was brought on Doordarshan to give his views on South Africa's readmission into the cricket world. I thought he would have been much better off opening the innings.

Like the most heart-warming happening of the week was that at the end of the long struggle it was India that proposed and got passed the lifting of th eban on the South African cricket team. Bravo.

And it does not matter one bit whether South Aftrica or Pakistan eventually plays the one-day series with Indian in October. We will lose to both the teams.

And this final point of view:

That no matter what the economists and the political experts may say, I think we are heading for better times.

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