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   And, for a rainy post-budget post-industrial policy Saturday... (July 27, 1991)

And, for a rainy post-budget post-industrial policy Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like those who claim that the new economy policy of the country is anti-Nehru are doing Nehru a great disservice. I do not think Jawaharlal Nehru was so petty as to have objected to his policies being amended and even thrown out of the window because the time had come to do so.

Like, I think, if he was alive, he himself would have changed his views and pilicies. Who was it who said: Consistency is the bugbear of small minds? Edmund Burke? Right, Edmund Burke.

Like I agree with Mr. Nanporia that the question of the honour of the country is not involved in the process of borrowing money from the IMF or anybody else. When you borrow large amounts if money, it is simple business that the lender will put up certain conditions and the borrower will accept them. The nation's honour will be involved, if, when the time comes, we fail to meet those conditions.

Like, in essence, what the new policy means is that for the first time in the history of the country good businessmen will score over bad businessmen, instead of bad businessmen with the government and bureaucrats scoring over good businessmen without the influence, or without wanting to use the influence.

Like in the dispute between the Regional Trasport Association and the Taximen's Association, it seems to me that the RTA has son the first round. Because the taximen, though not satisfied with the new fare structure, had returned to work. And, in these things, whoever wins the first round is the ultimate winner.

Like one way of cutting down the expenditure on the security of VVIP politicians is to instruct them to stay at home and not travel around the country so much. I mean, is it necessary for the prime minister to continuously visit differest states, address public meetings, open things, meet sankaracharyas!

And another way of reducing expenditure is for members of parliament not to reduce their honorarium by half, or even cent per cent, but to give up all their perks. And the upper house, both at the centre and in the states, should be abolished. It serves as little purpose as the office of the governor.

Like, I think, the time has come for M.J. Akbar to return to journalism and for Vinod Mehta to return to active journalism.

Like if you aske me which is the most successful newspaper in the country, I would say - The Economic Times.

Like after experiencing the on slaught of the monsoon, and there is all of August amd part of September yet to come. I do not know how the experts can keep insisting that the oil fires in Kuwait are having no effect on the weather.

And this final point of view:

That I maintain it is the politicians who are responsible for starting every problem in the country, from Punjab to Ram Janmabhoomi. Right this minute the paliticians of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have started a new problem over the waters of the Cauvery. Now sit back and watch it blow up.

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