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   And, for more Saturday... (December 10, 1991)

And, for more Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like the terrorists should realise that all the misplaced sympathy they have been getting from Ammnesty International and other such bodies would be lost if they start kidnapping and killing foreigners. And, eventually, their cause would suffer, that is if they have a cause.

Like the blame lies squarely on the security for the kidnapping of the Romanian diplomat. When his life was under threat, he was allosed to drive around Delhi alone and unescorted.

And I do not see why they should form high-level cabinet committees to investigate a straightforward crime. They could form a committee to consider where was the security lapse and who was to blame, but not to investigate a crime and arrest the criminals.

Like soon we will know whether Mrs. Sonia Gandhi means what she says... or what she does not say.

And I do not know how people can take it for granted that if Mrs. Gandhi become the prime minister. Or, perhaps. I do know.

Like the way newspapers keep writing about how the Janata Dal is likely to break up and the efforts being made to keep it together and what Ajit Singh is doing and what is Bommai's next move and why has George Fernandes resigned and when is he going to take back his resignation, you would think that the Janata Dal is a major political party in the country and what it does will affect out lives in some way.

And, I believe, the only service the Janata Dal can do now is to disband itself, join the Congress and support Mr. Narasimha Rao.

Like, I believe, everybody should support Mr. Narasimha Rao, at least at this moment when he is acting and functioning as he is.

Like I appreciate the way cricket correspondents are writing about which fast bowlers to take to Sharjah and which to leave behind. All of a sudden, it seems, we have got a great many fast bowlers to choose from. I sincerely hope they all do not turn out to be medium pace.

And what I expect to see in the coming cricket season is the return to form of Ravi Shastri. He has been low for an extraordinarily long period, though the important part is that he never once gave up trying to regain his form and reputation. And he is another man about whom it can be said that marriage has done him a world of good.

And after all the brave talk. Ashok Mankand is not being continued as manager on the Australian tour. Some thing, the cricket officials win never learn.

And this final point of view:

That diplomas are kidnapped by Punjab militants, ministers' relations by Kashmir militants, and diamond merchants are kidnapped by other diamond merchants.

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