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   And, for one more Saturday... (October 26, 1991)

And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like I do not know how far this may be correct, but it is being said that our cricketers put up such a miserable display against Pakistan yesterday because they had lost heart in the game and were demoralised after learning that Bombay dis not want to watch them play and was planning to boycott their match.

And I do know that this is not true - that the Shiv Sena, not wanting Bombay to watch the televised match from Sharjah, had manoeuvered yesterday's power failure and blackout.

Like after all those brave announcements by the finance minister, I do not see any changes. I do not see any foreigners investing in India, the public sector is still very much there, large and inefficient, and business, men are still going to New Delhi for licenses.

And what I think is that it is not the bureaucracy that is against the opening up of the economy, but private businessmen. Because they are comfortably off now and they would not like competition from the outside.

Like I am amused at the way our chests get puffed when we hear that the English are buying our Hindustan Ambassadors. Actually, we should be upset, because they are buying our brand new cars as antiques.

Like not many people seem to be aware that Bal Thackeray and R.K. Laxman started together as cartoonists, almost at the same time and with the same paper, and for many years their careers ran almost parallel, both earning justly deserved reputations as promising cartoonists. But now look: Where Bal Thackeray has reached and where our poor Laxman has been left behind!

Like I approve this new group of centrist forces that M.J. Akbar, Suresh Kalmadi and other have started, but I do not think anything much can come out of it.

Like I am not sure the government is aware of the serious international repercussions that their failure to rescue Mr. Live Radhu, the Romanian diplomat, can have. Otherwise, the minister of state for home, Mr. M.M. Jacob, would not be making statements like: "The response from the abductors is nothing very good, nothing very bad either."

And this final point of view:

That the more I see of the Sharjah cricket, the more I am stuck by the ridiculousness of it. I mean who were all those Arabs who came on the stage at the end of the match yesterday to give away the prizes and what possible connection could they have with cricket!

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