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   And, for one more Saturday... (November 30, 1991)

And, for one more Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few point of view (all my own work):

Like bandhs should be like what we had yesterday - no hassle to the public.

And it was understandable that Calcutta was closed. After all, it is a communist city, though most of the time it behaves as if it is a non-communist city. I would not say capitalist, because it is the poorest among the poor, and that is why Mother Teresa adopted it.

Like it is amazing how well the new chief minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Sudhakarrao Naik, has settled down to his job. And it only goes to show how efficient the top-rank civil service in the state is. Also, how non-interfering Maharastra's Congress politicians are.

And it is about time of Maharashtra was recognised as the best administered state in the country. Some years back Karanataka was, but it is no more so.

And taking about Karanataka, you have to admit that Mr. Ramakrishan Hedge must be the only Indian politician in recent times who has withdrawn from politics with grace.

Like I can understand a pedestrian plaza but I do not understand a tourist plaza. And what I really do not understand is - what has the fight against drugs got to do with this tourist plaza.

And the way I look at the tourist plaza is that that tourist plaza is that the Marine Drive mela is being permanently transferred to J. Dubash Marg (Rampart Row).

Like the only black mark against Chief Minister Naik's government is that he has failed to settle the MARD strike. Come to think if it, he has not even made an attempt to settle it. Otherwise, he has done well: he hasput both the Shiv Sena and Mr. Sharad Pawar in their respective places.

Like I still have hopes for our Indian cricket team in Australia. And I see no reason why, if our batsmen can play on wet English wickets, they cannot play on dry Australian wickets.

And it is a comforting thought that Sunil Gavaskar is in Australia. If needed, as seems likely, he can open the innings. It would also be one way of his keeping pace with Allan Border in the number of Test appearances, through I am aware that Gavaskar is not bothered about such trifles.

Like if Doordrashan were to show the full Test, I would take leave, sit down at home and watch. Now I have to take leave, go to Australia and watch.

And this final point of view:

That Mr. V.P. Singh and Mr. Ajit Singh are fighting over a party that does not exist.

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