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   And, for a Saturday, a few stray (February 17, 1996)

And, for a Saturday, a few stray thougths and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like, to my mind, the most significant thing to have happened in a half–century of Indian democracy is the arrest and incarceration in Tihar jail of H.L.L. Bhagat and Kalpnath Rai.

Like a month back, this would not have been possible. Politicians have in the past been accused of various misdeeds. All htat has happened is that their resignations have been demanded, they refused to resign, defied the prime minister, continued in power.

Now two of them are in Tihar, the country's most notorious prison. One of them sent back, after being examined at two separate hospitals, the other rushing to the toilet 25 times a day, but the prison toilet, a hole in the floor. And we have to thank the courts for that. Honest judges have decided to put political goons in their place.

Like it seems to me that the judges had a secret convention, where they decided unanimously to serve the splendid legal system that they had inherited, and dispense justice without worrying about transfers and promotions. And judge after judge, in almost every court in the country, has risen to the occasion.

Like, I am afraid, I cannot say the same thing about the press. Half the special correspondents in the capital are under political patronage, the other half are not fit for the job. And the proprietors are wrongly blamed for the inadequacies of the journalists. What we want are journalists with Arun Shourie's conscience and Mani Shanker Aiyar's style.

Like this must be a unique occasion when the firm of solicitors representing Maharastra government has complained to a newspaper that its clinents are not co-operating with it in fighting the Enron case. I wonder if the practical Mr. Manohar Joshi has an anwer to that.

Like the more I study the scenario, the more I am convinced that Mr. Sharad Pawar is not a dead force in Indian politics.

And all those who criticise Mr. Suresh Kalmadi for his clean railway toilets and other similar projects should be thankful that he is the first railway minister to be concertrating on the railways.

Like, so far, except for the England-New Zealand tie, the matches have been unevenly contested in the World Cup.

Like it was interesting to see Rawalpindi on the screen, the groundsmen in their loose pajamas and Awamii suits. That part of Pakistan does look like another country.

Like the captain of the UAE team looks like Kabir Bedi is one of his Hollywood roles, and plays like him.

And thiz final point of view:

That tomorrow, in Cuttak, it will be Ajit Wadekar XI vs. Hanumant Singh XI.

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