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   And, for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts.... (June 4, 1996)

And, for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like it has been a bad week for the Congreqss. Last week it had a 60-40 chance of forming the government, this week it has a 40-60 chance. And the reason is the selfishness among its members, who would rather drown the party than not get a party ticket.

Like, in that sense, the BJP members are a lot more selfless and disciplined.

And now that the BJP is announing its manifesto today (what the ‘Times' has carried this morning is a scoop), the voters will at least know what they are voting for or not voting for. But there is no Congress manifesto.

And I see nothing wrong in Mr. Bal Thackeray's wrong in Mr. Bal Tahckeray's threat to the Shiv Sena MLAs - that they would be responsible for the election of the party's Lok Sabha candidates from their constituencies. If they fall, they lost their own sqeat in the staqtqe assembly.

Like, if I have to, I would rather vote for the hawala ministers than their wives.

Like I have been asked if I am surprised Mr. Parvez Damania has agreed to be a Shiv Sena candidate. I would havqe been more surprised if he had agreed to be a Congress candidate.

Like how machivellian can Chandraswami be, I find difficult to visualise. I can only think of him as a clever conman in a silk dressing gown.

Like I do agree with the suggestion that for admission to higher studies, a candidate's full record in school should be taken into consideration and not just the SSC exam.

And technical training could be made morqe respectable and desirable by giving the students a degree at the end of it. And by doing so, the value of university degrees would not come down, because, as it is, they havqe no value.

Like in the old days, in the matrimonial clasifieds, parents used to write that their wards were M.A. or B.A. or B.A., LL.B., now nobody writes that. At the most they write, green card holder.

And no Indians go to Oxford and Cambridge any more, they go to Wyoming and North Dakota.

Like in Singapore it rains all the year round. Which may keep the city green but it keeps the skies above it grey.

And India certainly needs a new captain and a new manager. The present pair did not seem to be aware that the run-rate would finally decided the finalists. And the more I listen to Sunil Gavaskar's commentary, the more I come to understand his entire approach to the game and his own batting.

Like 10 to 1 we lose to Pakistan in Sharjah.

And this final point of view:

That it does not matter which party wins the elections as long as the people elected are honest and efficient.

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