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   And, for one more Saturday.... (April 13, 1996)

And, for one more Saturday, a few stay thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like, I will begin with an election forecast: Whether Congress forms the next government or not, Mr. Narasimha Roa will not be the prime minister.

And, left to me, I would make Mr. Chidambaram the prime minister. And forget all this business of a man needing a political base to be a prime minister. When you are a prime minsiter, you are a prime minsiter. For that amtter, what political base did Mr. Rao have before he became PM!

Like, among with Bofors, we should forget St. Kitts, and start with a clean slate, and preferably a new slate.

Like I say that if anybody gave Chandraswami 100,000 dollars to use his influence in high quarters, then he deserves to be cheated.

Like if there was on candidate certain to win form Mumbai, it was Sunil Dutt. And he is not contesting. And I do not think there has been a wiser move in politics in recent years than Mr. Dutt quietly qwithdrawing from the contest.

Like South Bombay used to be a prestige constituencqy, it is not so any more. One glance at the standard of the candidates and you will agree. There is not one national leader among them, not one potential minister.

And in no constiuency in the country are there the makings of a great contest among giants. No S.K. Patil vs. George Fernandes, no V.K. Krishna Menon vs. Archarya Kripalani

Like for years we waited for the parliament to amend and change the election procedures to make the elctions fairer and more reliable. Now the election commission and the supreme court are doing it.

And the next rule the election commission or the supreme court should have is that no candidate, never mind if he is the prime minister or leader of the opposition, can stand for elections from more than one constituency at a time.

Like people are saying that the election atmosphere is missing in the city because of lack of wall posters, slogan shouting, etc. I ask you: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Like whether you like it or not, eventually we have come down to a two-party system in the country, the Congress and the BJP. In most bona fide democratic countries, this is the case, and it is a good thing. With two parties, there are less opportunities for defectors.

Like Sandeep Patil may not be such a bad manager. He has got the right approach for the limited overs games - hit out or get out.

And this final point of view:

That it is not quite correct to say that India cannot win against Pakistan on a Friday in sharjab. The correct position is that India cannot win against anybody any day anywhere.

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