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   And, for a Saturday... (December 14, 1991)

And, for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view, (all my own work):

Like what is happening in Bangalore is an example of what happens everywhere in the country. Politicians start an agitation, then they cannot control it and arsonists, looters, hoodlums take over. And, since the bandh was organised by all the parties combined, all the Karnataka politicians should be helf responsible for the deaths.

Like what is there to dispute over the distribution of water. In Bombay, where no ther state is claiming its water, most of the houses still do not get water.

Like friendly relations are being established between India and China, North and South Korea, but not between India and Pakistan. And the fault is clearly Pakistan's. Because no country, where the military rules, whether overtly or covertly wants peace.

And what is required is a revolution in Pakistan and the establishment of a popular democratic government. Then India and Pakistan will be reunited as one country. But then show me one Islamic contry where there is a popular democratic government.

Like if Shakespeare were alive, he would have written a great tragedy on Mikhail Gorbachov. A good, sincere man who liberated his country to such an extent that his people, in their first ever flush of freedom, removed him, at least, he can retire from public life with a clear and happy conscience.

Like nobody seems to have noticed that Mr. Narasimha Rao has not given the nation a single slogan so far. No Aaram haram hai; no Jai jawan, jai kisan; no moving into the 21st century.

Like more Shiv Sainik seem to be underground at the moment than over ground. And Nagpur seems to be a city full of undergrounds.

Like the tragedy of democracy is that because of the defection of one person, and not a particularly important person at that, the entire winter legislature session is expected to be adjourned.

Like it is a shame and a disgrace that the chief minister of Maharashtra should go to Delhi to greet Mr. Pawar on his birthday. If our small child is in a boarding school, we don't go to the shool to great it on its birthday. At the most; we send it a little gift, hoping the postman will deliver if and not pocket it.

Like will all those who said Srikkanth should not have been sent to Australia please raise their hand, I have already raised mine.

And this final point of view:

That in the appointment of Mrs. Bakul Patel we would after a long time have a sheriff whom we would love, rathre than a sheriff who loves Bombay (Mumbai).

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