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   And, for one more Saturday of scams and scandals....... (April 20, 1996)

And, for one more Saturday of scams and scandals, a new stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like not only ministers but also governors are tainted. That is now established.

Like who do we put our trust in now? Not ministers, not MPs, not governors, not chief ministers, not leaders of the opposition, not bureaucrats, not godmen, not businessmen.

The only persons and institutions left seem to be the election commission, the supreme court, the armed forces, and they people of India.

And it is the people of India who are responsible for democracy continuting in India in spite of all its defaults and all the corrupt elements who have got into it and are exploiting it.

Like the biggest single service done by Mr. Seshan and company to date is stopping the candidates from plastering the walls of the city with their faces and slogans. Now is the time for Mr. Nana Chudasama to start another whitewash-your-walls campaign.

And, if I had any voice in the matter, I would make Mr. Seshan the municipal comissioner of Mumbai. He would clear the streets of hawkers, get the roads repaired, and discipline the corporators.

Like if only Mumbai had a decent, honest and efficient municipal corporation, both elected corporators and hired officials, the city would be a more liveable place.

Like who is the sheriff of Bombay? I have neither seen him, nor heard him. And I do not think he plays cricket, or goes around the world giving commentaries on cricket, so what is he so busy with?

Like the more leaders we have, the more holidays we will have, to celebrate their birth anniversaries or to mourn their death anniversaries. The only solution is not to have too many leaders.

Like the most adjusted people in this world are those who have no past, only future. And no sadder sight is there than of a man who is past his prime and struggling to retain his prime.

Like the way Mr. Marzan Patrawalla talks about Mulayam Singh Yadhav is the same way he used to talk about Rajiv Gandhi.

And I do nto see how Dr. Datta Samant, who is more responsible than the millowners in getting the textile workers to lose their jobs, can seek votes from them.

Like if the cricket board is going to change the captain for the England tour, I wonder if it is gong to change the manager also.

And whatever they do, I hope they retain Azharuddin in the team as a player. You never know when he will restrike form.

And this final point of view:

That we have definitely made progress in the Sharjah Cup. In the World Cup, we reached the semi-finals, in the Sharjah Cup, we reached the finals.

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