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   And, for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts... (April 27, 1996)

And, for a Saturday, a few stray thoughts and a few general opinions and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like, till a few years back, everyboy used to say that the country's biggest problem was that it did not have a strong opposition party to keep the Congress in check and the Congress was steamrolling through as the only party and nobodyto question it. Now there is an opposition party and the problems have multiplied.

Like a vote for the Congress would not only mean a vote for the continuation of the present policies of economic liberalisation but also the present practises of corruption.

And a vote for the BJP is a vote for the BJP.

Like more and more people are looking to the Third Front, or the Leftist Front, as an alternative.

Like I do not know who makes a better MP: he who works for his constituency or he who works for his country. There are MPs who work for neither.

Like not only voters in South Bombay but voters in all of Bombay should vote for Mr. Murli Deora, since he gave to the city its water filteration plant. Though, going by the water I get in my tap, the filteration plant must have broken down.

Like I wonder why, in these days of the cellular phone, the MTNL is going about digging up the whole city to lay its cables.

Like I do not know whether to thank the election commission or otherwise. This certainly has been the quietest, cleanest election campaign ever. For which I am grateful. But I do miss the hustle and hustle of electioneering, the jeeps, van and trucks going around with loudspeakers, the graffiti on the walls, the daily processions and speeches.

And the only person who seems to be making speeches these days is Election Commissioner Seshan. But at least his speeches are vituoso performances, intellectually stimulating. And if you have not heard him yet, grab the next chance you get. He may not be here for long.

Like if we really want to imporve things, my suggestion is to disqualify all the present and past MPs, MLAs and others holding elected offices in various legislative bodies and corporations from standing for future elections. In the process, we may lose a few good man, but look at the deadwood we would be clearing.

Like I am not interested in the cricket team chosen for the England tour. If it comes back a winner, I will be pleasantly surprised.

And this final point of view:

That it is my theory that those who do not have money; do not crave for it, at least not more than their immediate needs. It is those who have money who crave for more money, and more and more. Consider the ex-maharaja of Gwalior.

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