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   And, for the last Saturday of the monsoon... (July 9, 1996)

And, for the last Saturday of the monsoon, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few point of view (all my own work):

Like everybody else I can believe is a crook, but not Mr. L.K. Advani. A fool, irrational, fanatic, Hindutva, yes, but not a crook. I cannot think of him making money, through fair means of foul.

And all those politicians who have been saying they have been takign money for the party, I do not accept. They have been accepting money for themselves.

Like if there was no election in the US this year, there would have been no war in Iraq. And half the world is convinced about that.

Like Saddam Hussein will only fall when the Iraqi people make it happen. But Saddam is too clever and careful for them, and he is too well guarded. President Clinton's scud missiles can only hit the people, not him.

Like, I notice, India has not yet learnt its lesson. There was no need for us to have opened out mouth and condemned the US or supported Iraq. Especially when nobody has asked for our opinion and when nobody is interested in it.

Like, nearer home, I do not think the UF government will last much longer after the Uttar Pradesh elections. And, still nearer home, the BJP-Shiv Sena honeymoon is practically over.

And it is small wonder Mr. Thackeray should approve of Antulay's style of functioning as chief minister. In his own way, Mr. Antulay was also dictatorial.

Like what Maharastra has got now is the best chief minister under the circumstances. And that is my certificate to Mr. Manohar Joshi.

Like, suddenly, there are more scotch whiskies in the country than Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL). But that does not mean the sale of Indian whiskies has driopped. And what applies to foreign liquor, applies to foreign newspapers.

And I am all for foreign newspapers being published from India. They would improve the standard of Indian newspapers, and they would provide better job opportunities for Indian journalists.

Like Mr. Vinod Mehta's ‘Outlook' may not be competition for ‘Indian Today', not yet, but it has certainly broken the backs of ‘Sunday', ‘The Week', etc. I always said Mr. Mehta was an outstanding magazine journalist, news magazines.

Like people travel for different reasons. I travel to meet people and eat their food.

Like I am waiting for a proper pub in town, a place where people can go and drink and talk and play darts, and eat steak and kidney pudding and shephered's pie, and not drink Pepsi and disco dance.

And this final point of ivew:

That, next, I am going to China, but more tham China to Mangolia, bu train. Last stop, Ulhan Bator.

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