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   And, for another Saturday of our lives... (October 19, 1996)

And, for another Saturday of our lives, a few stray thoughts and a few general observations and a few points of view (all my own work):

Like Navratri became eight nights and seven and six and soon all the nights will be exhausted and it will be Dassera and, on Azad Maidan, Ravana will be burnt. And thus will end all evil in the world. And all men will become good and god-fearing. And, no, this is not Cyrus Merchant writing.

Like one god-fearing man is now to be tired for cheating his fellow citizens and allied charges at the annexe of the Vigyan Bhavan. And these are some of the perks of being a former prime minister - you choose you courts. Though, mercifully, not your magistrates and judges.

Like I do believe judicial access reached its limits and crossed the limits when one of the judges wanted to direct the operations against dengue fever in Delhi.

And the important thing in life is to know your limits and work within them. And this applies to the judiciary also.

Like, according to one message, the proof that business is moving to the suburbs is that Arrow shirt outlets have opened at Borivli and Vashi. And, no thinks, I will rather stay in the city and wear Prolines. And, according to me, for the Mumbai weather, there is no better shirt than Proline. You may keep your Lacostes in the Vama show windows, along with your Ford Escorts.

Like correct me if I am wrong, but I would say the biggest festivals in the city now are Ganapati and Navratri, and they are going neck and neck. And I do not think out secular image would suffer if the government lights up all its public buildings on Divali.

Like Christmas is a festival of five-star hotels, where they organise special dinner and dances and charge Rs. 10,000 per person (taxes extra). Or is it more this year! And, no, once again, this is not Cyrus Merchant writing.

Like the most interesting news of the season is that the Gandhi Samaraka Nidhi is financing President Clinton's election. At least, the Washington press think so.

Like when poor Azharuddin was the captain, we could blame him for all our failures, match after match, and get away with it. Now that Azhar is no longer the captain, we have to find new excuses.

And the fact is that Indians can't make runs and Indians can't take wickets, other teams can. And no amount of changing of captains and managers is going to improve that situation.

And this final point of view:

That you have heard the saying, if Mohomed does not go t the mountain, the mountain will come to Mahomed. So, if Mr. Narasimha Rao does not go to the court, the court is coming to Mr. Rao.

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