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   Of late, so many new developments have taken place... (May 6, 1986)

Of late, so many new developments have taken place in the Punjab Haryana polities that I thought a fresh refresher course was necessary for my tow sons. Darryl and Derek.

So I got them together and told them: "We will begin with the time Mr. Julio Ribeiro was sent to Punjab to take control of the situation there. However by this time. Mr. Arjun Singh had been replaced as governor by Mr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, who in turn was soon to be replaced by Mr. Sinddharth Shankar Ray, who was being rehabilitated into the Congress."

"Can we make it a little short!" said Darryl.

"We cannot make it any shorter than what I am doing." I said. "Pay attention. Mr. Arun Nehru advised Mr. Rajiv Gandhi to ask Mr. Julio Ribeiro to have a second Operation Blue Star and flush out the terrorists who had once again occupied the Golden Temple after the earlier Operation Blue Star. I don't think I need go into details about that."

"You need not," said Derek.

"You don't have to be so emphatic about it, if I want to, I will," I said. "When the security forces entered the temple, the terrorists had fled. But the temple authorities were upset, and, thought they were not against the raid as such, they ordered Mr. Barnala, the chief minister, to atone by dusting chief minister, to atone by dusting shoes and sandals at different gurdwaras."

"This is the interesting part," said Darry;. Looking up.

"There is nothing interesting about it, dusting shoes is an act of humility in the Sikh religious tradition and practised by many of thei/r saints," I said. "Meanwhile, on the advice of Mr. Arun Singh, sorry, Mr. Arun Sing the report of the second commission on the same subject ordered."

"Why don't you just tell us what happened in the end," Derek said. "This is getting to be too long."

"The end is a long way away, and, as yet, there is not even a glimmer of light in the long, dark tunnet, to borrow Mr. Kuldip Nayar's phrase. Or, to borrow Mr. Girilal Jain's phrase, it is 11 p.m. in Punjab," I said. "To continue, there was a split in the Akali government and tow of Mr. Barnala'' ministers resigned, Mr. Barnala, with great political astuteness, replaced them with 14 new ministers."

"And that is the end," said Darryl.

"No, that is not the end," I said. "I will now come to the developments in Haryana. Mr. Bhajan Lal, the chief minister of Haryana, was on the advice of Mr. Arjun Singh to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi replaced by Mr. Bansi Lal, who talks like our Kapil Dev."

"Do we really have to know all this?" asked Derek.

"Make up your minds," I said. "You can either learn about national politics and become like Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, or learn about local politics like Belgaum-Karwar and become like Mr. Sharad Pawar and Mr. Bal Thackeray."

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