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   The wife was saying this morning... (June 4, 1990)

The wife was saying this morning: "Mr. V.P. Singh is taking everybody's consencus when he wants make a policy decision, but he never takes yours."

"Not everybody's consensus," I said "Consensus of his cabinet members and some other party leaders, like Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Advani. He can't take everybody's consensus."

"Of course, he does," said the wife. "Everybody's except yours. Possibly, he does not take your consensus because he does not know you are there."

"Naturally, he does not know I am there, or here. There are millions of people in the country, you do not expect the prime minister to know everybody."

"You are not everybody," the wife said. "If only you would take a little more interest in decisionmaking, the prime minister will know you and ask you to join in the meetings for consensus. After all, he wants everybody to form a consensus.

"Look, try and understand, the whole world can't meet to help the prime minister to make up his mind," I explianed. "There is no hall large enough to hole everybody. What the prime minister wants is the representatives of all these people to form the consunsus. And as long as Mr. Gandhi is attending one of theses consensus meetings, my representative is there, so I am not bothered."

"You are not bothered about anything," the wife said. "Therefore the prime minister is not asking for you consensus. There is something you should give your consensus on, Kashmir, Punjab, Sri Lanka, Meham. But nothing, you just don't want to giver your consensus on anything."

"My consensus is on everything, I am silently agreeing," I said.

"That is not going to help the prime minister much," the wife said. "How is he going to know you are with the consenasus when you are silent. What he wants is people to sit together and help him to form policies that everybody is agreeable to. That is consensus. But you have your own selfish form of consensus."

"I am not selfish," I said. "I am with the prime minister on each and every consensus. And, since you insist. I will write to him and ask him to call me for one of his consensus meetings."

"Ask him to call you for a meeting on consensus for Kashmir," the wife waid. "Then he may make you minister for Kashmir."

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