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   The wife was saying... (November 7, 1991)

The wife was saying: "Make sure to bring back from your office some 500-rupee notes."

"Are you out of your mind!" I said. "Everybody is trying to get rid of his 500-rupee notes and you want me to go out of my way to get some. If there is demonetisation tomorrow, and it can happen my time, never mind what the finance minister says, we will be stuck with them."

"It is better to be stuck with a few 500-rupee notes then to let people know that we are all right because we are too poor to have has them in our possession," the wife said.

"Let people think what they like," I said. "It is they who will look foolish when the demonetisation is announced and they are caught with trunk-lads of 500-rupee notes hidden under their beds. Serves them right."

"People do not look foolish it money is found with them, it is you who look foolish if you do not have any money," the wife said. "Everybody in our building has 500-rupee notes that they are trying to exchange or spend before demonestisation. Only I don't have any. It is so embarrasing. Yesterday only our neighbour was asking me what we are doing with out notes."

"She has no business to pry into our financial affairs," I said. "I hope you told her off."

"I told her I did not know what to do. All our money was in 500-rupee notes, because, in your office, they paid you salary only in that," the wife said. "The lies I have to tell because your office cannot pay you a decent salary."

"You don't have to lie to anybody. I am quite happy collecting my salary in 100 and ten-rupee notes. And now, as it has turned out, I am not only happy, but also I think I have been wise and sensible about the denominations of my notes."

"You are the only person who can be happy about this," the wife said. "All our friends are boasting about the amount of 500-rupee notes that they have got and you are happy that you do not have them."

"Nobody has boasted to me about his collecting of 500-ruppe notes," I said. "In face, one or two of them, I will not mention names, have approached me and asked if I know anybody in Central Bank who will quietly change their notes for them."

"That is their way of letting you know they have got 500-ruypee notes and making you feel ashamed that you have not," the wife siad. "But you will never understand that, you live in your own poverty world. You better get some money changed into 500-rupee notes. At least two or three notes for the sake of our status."

"Very well," I said. "Perhaps, the Reserve Bank will give me a medal for asking for 500-rupee notes when everybody is returning them."

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