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   The wife was saying... (October 16, 1991)

The wife was saying: "Your friend, Mr. Murli Deora, has become a very big shot. Formerly, he used to meet Sitaram Kesri and Sunil Dutt, now all the time he is going to America and meeting President Bush and Mrs. Bush."

"Not all the time, just once," I said. "He happened to be at the same function as the President, so he went to the President and probably told him that he was from India, and the President shook his hands, that is all."

"I tell you, he is meeting President Bush all the time," the wife said. "I am seeing pictures nit he newspapers almost every day of Mr. Bush shaking hands with Mr. Deora and smiling."

"What you are seeing is the same picture being recycled." I said. "Mr. Deora must have made hundreds of copies of that picture, and every day he gives a copy to a different paper, but it is the same picture: You ask me, I'll tell you how these politicians work."

"They are not the same pictures, I can tell," the wife said. "You are just upset that Mr. Deora has moved ahead of Sitaram Kesri and others and is now in daily contact with President Bush."

"I am not the type who gets upset of somebody makes progress in life," I said, "I am trying to tell that it is not a big thing to have your picture taken with the President of the USA or anybody else, for that matter. All you need is a photographer handy and politicians always keep them handy, even in America. Probably some NRI friend of Mr. Deora must have arranged the photographer."

"It does not look like that sort of a picture to me," the wife said. "It looks like the two ave had an important discussion on world affairs and have just emerged from their discussion room and are assaying goodbye till they meet again. Looking at Mr. Deora's face, he looks definitely pleased with the trend of the discussions."

"Mr. Deora always looks like that," I said. "And President Bush does not have time to discuss world affairs with just anybody and everybody. He has stopped discussing with even Mr. Gorbachov, because the latter is not an important world leader any more."

"How do you know Mr. Deora has not replaced Mr. Gorbachov. After all, the US President has to discuss with somebody," the wife said. They must have just come out of the meeting when The New York Times took the picture."

"I doubt if the NYT considers Mr. Deora to be news, it does not even consider India to be news," I said.

The wife said: "I think you should be more careful about what you say about Mr. Deora in future, he may stop your US visa."

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