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   While intially the whole country was happy... (June 10, 1996)

While intially the whole country was happy that politicians were being produced in courts and locked up in Tihar jail, a lot of people are now confused as to what exactly is happening.

For instance, my elder son, Darryl, was asking me. "When will Mr. Narasimha Rao be put in prison?"

"That's not a nice question to ask," I said. "The matter of the non-bailable warrant now rests with Justice S.K. Mahajan of the Delhi High Court, to whom the matter has been marked by chief Justice M.J. Rao."

My younger son, Derek, asked: "What about Mr. K.K. Tewari, how many years has he got?"

"If by now many years you are referring to the duration of his prison sentence, matter have not reached that stage yet," I said. "Mr. Tewari has already moved the high court for an anticipatory bail three days ago and the court has issued a notice to the CBI for Monday, staying his arrest till then."

"Nothing seems to be happening, this Kapil Sibal is getting stay orders all the time," Darryl said.

"It was not Mr. Sibal who got the stay order, that was in the achar-walla case, and he got an exemption in appearance order there. The stay order for the St. Kitts case was obtained by Mr. R.K. Anand and Mr. I.U. Khan."

"What about Mr. Kalpnath Rai, has Mr. Khan got his also bail in the St. Kitts case?" Derek asked.

"You are getting your facts confused," I said. "Mr. Kalpnath Rai is in the sugar scandal case, not in the St. Kitts forgery case. And his lawyer is not Mr. Khan, Delhi has thousands of lawyers wating for briefs."

"Mr. Rao's son is involved in the sugar scandal case," Darryl said.

"No, he is not, he is involved in the urea case in Patna," Derek said.

"You are only party right," I said. "Mr. Rao's son's case in urea, but it is in Hyderabad, not in Patna, though being tried in Delhi. What is being tried aqy the Patna high court is the animal husbandry and fodder case, where Mr. Lalloo Prasad Yadav is likely to be arrested."

"It is the Patna court that has passed strictures against the CBI?" Darryl asked.

"All courts have passed strictures against the CBI," I said.

"How long will Mr. Sukh Ram be kept in prison for standing riots against the Sikhs?" Derek asked.

"Mr. Sukh Ram should be out any day," I said, "and he is not in prison for rioting, he is there for keeping his money tied in bed sheets and saying they were for UP elections."

"Has permission been given to the Jain Commission to examine Mr. H.K.L. Bhagat at Pragati Maidan instead of the Tis Hazari Court?" Darryl asked.

"No," I said. "It is not meeting at Tis Hazari, it is meeting at Vigyan Bhavan. And the Jain Commission has nothing to do with Mr. Bhagat."

"When will they start convicting all these people?" asked Derek.

"Patience," I said. "The law will take its own course."

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